Safety in Numbers; Buying Group Fattens Farmer Margins

Article by DTN Editor Marcia Zarley that first appeared on Oct. 16 Safety in Numbers Buying Group Fattens Farmer Margins By Marcia Zarley Taylor DTN Executive Editor Fri Oct 16, 2015 WASHINGTON COURT HOUSE, Ohio (DTN) -- The three dozen farmer members and managers of PACI bristle when you describe their organization as a buying club. Instead, they joke about printing t-shirts with the real benefit of membership: "Combine, $225,000; Grain Bins, $1.2 million; Information, Priceless." PACI -- short for Premium Ag Commodities Inc. -- launched in 1975 and initially hired a manager to act as a purchasing agent on fertilizer, chemicals, seed and equipment. Later the group invested in a crop insurance agency, profits from which help cover the overhead for PACI's staff and other ventures. Since 2014 they've employed an experienced grain merchandiser who recently ass..